The Perfect Triangle

This article was written by Red Sabbath and it was published on KinbakuToday on September 12th 2016. It gave us an incredible inspiration, and it represents for us one of the milestone of our way to do Kinbaku. More at the following link:

Being watched during a sexual activity/expression is for me arousing and shameful at the same time. Shame produces excitement. Then this magic circle enhances even more the effects.. as the shame you live (for letting someone see that you are excited), produces then much more excitement. It’s a loop that feeds itself.
I would define the particular pleasure we can have during a Kinbaku Session as Martymachli, the paraphilia which involves sexual attraction to having others watch the execution of a sexual act. So, having witnesses that can catch what’s happening, while you are vulnerable and you can’t escape to that curious, pervasive glance…

Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath in one of their private tuition with Naka Akira Sensei in Tokio


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