The Trinity

Communication. Aestethics. Technique.

Three aspects made one. Only one thing.

Shiawase and I had a great time during this amazing International workshop organized by Riccardo Sergnese (Wildties) and Red Sabbath of Kinbaku LuXuria, in Turin.

12 couples, 7 different nationalities from all around Europe, only one common passion: Kinbaku.

The venue was pretty fantastic. Giuseppe Ambrosia built it by himself and gave it the same Spirit his heart has!

This incredible journey passed through the global vision to the most little detail, from the emotional aspects going to the eye of the people looking at the model.

Creating something exceptional, starting from tradition and going out of schemes, breaking the rules, being completely original! I didn’t expect at all that everytime our Educator showed some ties, he didn’t want that we just re-do that but “simply” take it as ispiration in order to make something origianal!

Create by spaces, compose by shapes, move by subtracting! Exactly one year ago I started to study how to do basic patterns and right now I just have to say thanks to every people that make possible to me to partecipate to this experience!

I am not able to describe our state of mind, but I hope you will enjoy some pictures of us taken during the WS.

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