The Atonement

Friday night of middle October. Autumn finally arrived. The fog has risen and it has surrounded the city.

Unusually, The House is quite empty tonight. There was someone on the sofa, someone else was smoking on the balcony.

On the ground, two nice girls started to rope play.

Meanwhile, I was on the ground too.

She was laying on my legs.

My hand on her face.

She desired me.

She wanted me to make her mine.

She was wet and her mouth could not hide her excitement anymore.

She bit her lips, she closed her eyes, she licked my fingers.

Suddenly, everything around us disappeared, for a moment.

I took the ropes.

In my mind, she had to expiate for something very bad she did.

It is clear: she was a lusty young girl who just desires my fleshes for her own pleasure. She is obviously guilty.

She has to pay for her lust and for her egoism.

She has to pass throw my personal way of expiation.

And for sure, the pole would be the right place.

There were also some new people, who never came to The House before. I decided that her penance would have been the exposure to everybody in that room.

I took off her trousers, then the panties and her bra.

I started to tie her. Rough, fast and in a detached way. I didn’t want her enjoy my body and especially my hands. On my right, the girls continue to play. The one who is tieing noticed that I started to execute my sentence and, very kindly, told me she would move to give me space. I answered I didn’t need more than the space I was just using. She was not convinced at all, then the Lady of the House said: “He’s going to do some Hashira’s stuff on her…” The Lady was right, even if I was still on the ground, she perfectly understood what was going on.

People were watching. I made my victim stand up and I put her on the place she deserved.

She was straight, on the pole. I strictly tied her breast. She was over there, I got away from her.

Then I sit. And I watched her. 

I also look at the scene, quietly. People eyes were on her. Especially those of the first comers were upon her body, all time long. She suffered like hell. Eleven ropes ruled her body. The one in her mouth forced her to stay quite and, especially, to drool. Also breathing was in my control. Her chest was so compressed that she had to feel the steel of pole on her skin. She had to feel it stacked in her fucking bones. The waist was firmly tight on the pole, and I enjoyed how that particular rope forced her to stretch out. 
She was wetter then before.

The atonement has just began, repent yourself!

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