Naka Akira’s WS

“How can I decide the program for a Workshop if  I do not know people first?”

[Naka Akira]

During the last hours of the workshop, Naka-San told us that he answered with this sentence to a student who asked him to know what we were going to do during the lessons in Turin.

My senses were burning. Immediately, I realized with a new light the very first thing he did at the very beginning of this incredible experience: he asked us to present ourselves, for a couple of minutes each one. He asked us why we were there, why we tie and what kinbaku is for us.

In fact, at that moment I thought he was really kind and gentle to ask us for.

After those words I realized that it was not only a matter of good manners: another time I had the proof that to understand what Naka Akira says, does and shows you must be able to read through the several layers of his own way of being.

I am not able to describe how intense these days were for us. Trust me, I’m still shaken and exhausted but not for the workshop and for the fatigue themselves. To stay with him, to listen to his words, to look at him tieing, walking, talking, performing stimulated my brain and spirit so far that I think that I’ll take some time to assimilate. And anyway, I feel I’ll be lucky if I would be able to make mine only the 5% of what I lived.

There is another episode that I really care to report. After the last exercise demonstration (Agura-Shibari) I was waiting for Shiawase to be warm and ready to be tied and I was close to the tatami were Naka Sensei was untieing Iroha. With them, there were only Aizen and Riccardo. Then Riccardo asked to Naka-san if students had to tie because it was quite later than the expected time to finish and all of them knew that the exercise and the conclusion moment would have taken more than one hour and a half. He stopped to untie. He looked at Riccardo.

“Of course they have to. They are here to learn. Students come first”.

Then he restarts to untie. Trust me. There are no words to describe the light in his eyes.

I have to thank a lot of people this time. Naka-San, Iroha-san and Aizen-San of course. Then, Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath for have given us the chance to participate. Of course thanks to Giuseppe Ambrosia & Simona Mononoke for having built an incredible venue and, more, an incredible project in Turin. Last but not least, thank you my sweet Shiawase. I’m so proud of you! It seems that Naka Sensei really like her in my ropes. In front of such great personalities, I remembered another time the reason for which I tie: you!

This article will be quite a special one. I decided to include a picture gallery. I tried to capture some moments with my Fujifilm Instax 300 wide. There are also a pair of pics of the performance of Kinbaku Night Live on Saturday.

Please, forgive me if I had to censure a couple of them but I really had to. Hope that you will like them.

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