Burden of Guilt

Time is a gentleman.

Especially, for those who know how to wait.

This set was shooted during an intense kinbaku session between me and Shiawase.

We were in Lorenzo’s home, in Milan.

It was dark, there was just a single light above us. A single, dim light.

Usually, I like tying with a lot of ropes. I like to tighten the ropes around the body, wrapping it as much I can.

This time was different. We stayed on the floor, with Shiawase on her knees, on a stone carpet. I tied with very few ropes, and I allowed the time to do its job.

When I started to tie, I felt like someone who had to make her confess something that she did. Something bad that she did.

I felt like I was the judge and I knew everything about her. I know she was not innocent.

I knew with all my body and soul that she was guilty.

Shooting by Lorenzo Basile 

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