Farewell, 2018!

2018 has gone. It has been a great year, a lot of nice things happened, a lot of things changed!

We feel like we grew a lot, we approached new challenges – like teaching bondage – and I’m happy that nowadays there is a bunch of people who asked me a study-plan and take lessons with us monthly! I’m happy I can see their progress time by time and I really feel in heaven when they say their sessions have become more satisfying!

This was the year we started to give kinbaku performances, both in Italy and Europe and also to travel in some place in Europe where we had the possibility to live the local community by taking part into international rope jams.

We became closer to some people I’m proud I can call FRIENDS! Same or different nationalities, different ways of thinking, but same big hearth! Every single moment spent with them is a treasure!

Let me say thanks to all the people in the world who visited our site. For us, it’s an unexpected number: this site had more than 6000 visitors and nearly 55k of visualizations!


We set some goals for 2019.

We already have a lot of projects on the table: next year we are going to give our own workshops and show-nights and I’m glad that most of these events are already sold-out!

We want to become better in what we do. We want to continue to study, to research, to investigate into ourselves and to do what we love to do with the people we care!

We also have a lot of ideas and projects that are work-in-progress: new private tuition formats, new workshop topics, new shooting and… A new small private house-venue!

Furthermore, what will not change will be our will to share, to connect people, to cooperate, to research together!

2018 has been great. It wouldn’t have been possible without being together, as the couple we are. We know each other better every day spent together and everything we have built has the soul of our determination and our love. 2019 will start with all our energy, passion and with the strong will to live this journey together, hand in hand.

Here there are some photos to recap this beautiful year! Enjoy and…

Happy New Year!

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