Private Tuitions

The most efficient way to learn with us. The one-to-one approach will allow the student to focus on even the smallest details. Single lessons from three to six hours per day could be booked to learn technique, aesthetic and communication in this style. Multiple lessons could be scheduled and also we can develop a study planning shared with the student which will allow more experienced and passionate people to set long-term goals in their way to live this practice.

Packages and discounts will be considered and proposed for longer/multiple lessons.

We offer an all-inclusive package for week-ends: Accomodation on Friday evening, 10 hours of lesson between Saturday and Sunday, including the possibility to sleep in our guest room, with a private bathroom and breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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We believe in sharing knowledge and time together: we always offer lunch or dinner to people who study with us, in order to have time to know better each other, to speak about personalities and also any kind of thematics not necessarily related to Japanese bondage.

Our bookshelf will be also at disposal: it will be possible to consult books, photo-books and photo album directly from our private collection – some of them are real masterpieces from greatest Japanese photographers and bakushi!

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It’s also possible to book a shared tuition: we accept up to 3 couples together, in order to build an experience between a semi-private and a custom workshop.

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