15337483_352304198467591_8358281930523686207_nI was born in 1989 and  I didn’t know the BDSM world and its aspects before meeting Kurogami in 2014.

With him, I started to explore my alternative sexuality through roleplay, body constraints, chains and expecially ropes. I started to feel my masochism and to understand how to look into myself and my needs.

I discovered my exhibitionist side and I started to enjoy having various kind of sets with photographers who make me feel comfortable.

During summer 2016 I meet Riccardo and Red Sabbath in Milan and from that I started to understand the deepest aspects of Kinbaku. Observing them has been inspiring and it is still today.

Jam Turino 04-2018-4681

I am a rope model but, for me, rope bondage is an important part of my life so I like to practice it with my partner. With him, I am in harmony and have a strong understanding: features that are difficult for me to find with other riggers.

We are growing up togheter living every day with the same passion of the first day.

I’m available for any bunny who needs advice for approaching ropes or contacts of more experienced people. Don’t hesitate! 


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