Private Tuitions

The most efficient way to learn with us. The one-to-one approach will allow the student to focus on even the smallest details. Single lessons from three to six hours per day could be booked to learn technique, aesthetic and communication in this style. Multiple lessons could be scheduled and also we can develop a study planning shared with … Continue reading Private Tuitions

Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa

On February 22nd & 23rd you will have the incredible chance to study with Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaneko from Discover Kinbaku! Two days of workshop, 12 hours of deep immersion in their way to approach, study and do semenawa. A limited number The workshop will be open to a limited number of couple - … Continue reading Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa

The Hub: Immersion

TESTO IN ITALIANO IN BASSO The Hub is a project by Kinkyphilia: a concept that makes the workshop closer to the private lesson, for a limited number of people (four maximum). Why a limited number The small number opens to a more robust didactics. It allows students to be followed in a more direct way … Continue reading The Hub: Immersion

Kinbaku – Classe III

Costruzione del tormento - Estetica della sofferenza Dopo un breve excursus dal Takate-Kote (TK) nello stile di Kinbaku LuXuria approfondiremo alcuni aspetti del semenawa. In particolare, attraverso la costruzione di sospensioni via via più complesse vedremo come costruire il tormento nella persona legata e come questo la conduca alla sofferenza. L'utilizzo di tanta corda sul … Continue reading Kinbaku – Classe III

How to be a good student -Czech

FOR THE ENGLISH AND ITALIAN TRANSLATIONS CLICK HERE FOR THE SPANISH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE GERMAN TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE FRANCH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE 🇨🇿 Thanks to _noirot (Instagram) for this translation! 🇨🇿 Často mluvíme o kvalitě výuky a kompetenci lektorů. Téma, o kterém už ale nemluvíme je, jestli jsou studenti schopni se učit. Nejprve … Continue reading How to be a good student -Czech