The Hub: Shadow Extended

TESTO IN ITALIANO IN BASSO The Hub is a project by Kinkyphilia: a concept that makes the workshop closer to the private lesson, for a limited number of people (four maximum). Why a limited number The small number opens to a more robust didactics. It allows students to be followed in a more direct way … Continue reading The Hub: Shadow Extended

Como ser un buen estudiante

FOR THE ENGLISH AND ITALIAN TRANSLATIONS CLICK HEREFOR THE FRENCH TRANSLATION CLICK HEREFOR GERMAN TRANSLATION CLICK HEREFOR CZECH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE 🇪🇸 Thanks for translation to Muga Nawa (Instagram)🇪🇸  Solemos hablar a cerca de la calidad de la enseñanza y la preparación de los profesores. Pocas veces reflexionamos en la capacidad de aprendizaje de los estudiantes.En primer lugar deberíamos tener … Continue reading Como ser un buen estudiante


SEGUE TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO CZECH TRANSLATION BELOW (Thanks to _noirot) It is not easy to be among people who do not know me and that I do not know and manage to let me go completely, being able to express the emotions locked inside me and that at that moment push out of my chest. … Continue reading Ebi

Kinbaku Essentia

Workshop base di bondage in collaborazione con Ignorant Ropes - Genova. Evento su fb: Kinbaku Essentia - 13 Gennaio 2019 “Ogni viaggio inizia con un primo passo”. In questo workshop verranno illustrati i principi fondamentali del bondage giapponese nello stile di Kinbaku LuXuria. Apprenderemo tecniche pratiche per immobilizzare il partner in maniera efficiente e sensuale … Continue reading Kinbaku Essentia


In this page, you can find the pictures of some drawings or sketches that our fans and friends made for us. The feature image of this page will be updated every time with the last drawing we receive! In the description, there are links to Instagram profiles of the authors. Thanks to all! Click on … Continue reading Drawing

The eroticization of suffering (by Red Sabbath)- New release 2018

This article has been written by Red Sabbath over 5 years ago, but has been reviewed some days ago after moments of reflection about new experiences and understanding. Enjoy! Quite often models ask me how do I deal with pain. First of all, let me remind that our Semenawa favours the experimentation of suffering, not … Continue reading The eroticization of suffering (by Red Sabbath)- New release 2018

Kinbaku Studies by Riccardo Wildties – 5 years of meeting Naka Akira Sensei

Buy here the book: On the 9th of October the book of our teacher Riccardo Wildties has been published. The book has been created to celebrate the fifth year anniversary of the author's meeting with his teacher Naka Akira. A study on kinbaku and semenawa (torment rope) that shows the present understanding of the … Continue reading Kinbaku Studies by Riccardo Wildties – 5 years of meeting Naka Akira Sensei