Good-pain-vs-bad-pain – Discover Kinbaku

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Ho sempre pensato a quale possa essere una adeguata spiegazione a quella che è la "buona" sofferenza, ovvero quella che ci fa stare bene. Mi sono ritrovata a dover rispondere a questa domanda durante la serata a Genova di "Rope 'n' Talk" ed ancora oggi penso a quale possa essere una spiegazione … Continue reading Good-pain-vs-bad-pain – Discover Kinbaku

Rope and Trust

"Trust, unlike consent, is also relational. It is built over time. It has degrees and granularity. It evolves. It is fragile and requires nurturing and patience. All things that the Western mind has trouble with. Trust relationships are never black and white. On the other hand, consent is binary. Either you have it or you … Continue reading Rope and Trust

Quelle Surprise or “I Tie and I Know Things”

"The focus has been, almost exclusively, on the how to tie, rather than the why we tie. And by why, I don’t mean “why we use a munter hutch here, rather than there.” I mean motivation. I mean passion. I mean desire. I mean fantasy. I mean heart." This is an article by Zetsu Nawa edited … Continue reading Quelle Surprise or “I Tie and I Know Things”

The Perfect Triangle

This article was written by Red Sabbath and it was published on KinbakuToday on September 12th 2016. It gave us an incredible inspiration, and it represents for us one of the milestone of our way to do Kinbaku. More at the following link: Being watched during a sexual activity/expression is for me arousing and … Continue reading The Perfect Triangle