In this page you can find info about our teaching method and about our courses on offer.

Even the most beautiful and touching people in the world will faill if we ask them to express their emotions by playing a violin, without having studied how to play with it.

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A solid, strong starting point is very important in any discipline you can decide to approach.

Studying with us you will have the possibility to:

  • Learn the basics of bondage, to play in a safer way with your partner
  • Learn the basics of Japanese bondage even if you are a complete newbie
  • Improve your actual bondage-skills by very detailed observations and explanations
  • Improve your tying efficiency with exercises focused on the handling of the rope
  • Discover the beauty of seme-nawa
  • Learn how to have fun with your partner or how to start/continue your journey together

We give the possibility to learn through private tuitions or workshops or to develop personal learning plans.

Our education is not for riggers only: a lot of attention will be given to the bottom’s education. Shiawase’s experience as a model is very precious for our didactics and she will be pleased to share impressions, feelings, points of view. While teaching, we always speak with both the two people!



The most efficient way to learn with us. The one-to-one approach will allow the student to focus on even the smallest details. Single lessons from two to eight hours per day could be booked to learn technique, aesthetic and communication in this style. Multiple lessons could be scheduled and also we can develop a study planning shared with the student which will allow more experienced and passionate people to set long-term goals in their way to live this practice.

Packages and discounts will be considered and proposed for longer/multiple lessons.

We believe in sharing knowledge and time together: we always offer lunch or dinner to people who study with us, in order to have time to know better each other, to speak about personalities and also any kind of thematics not necessarily related to Japanese bondage.

Our bookshelf will be also at disposal: it will be possible to consult books, photo-books and photo album directly from our private collection – some of them are real masterpieces from greatest Japanese photographers and bakushis!

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Teaching to groups of students is a challenge we approached from 2019. We really like to be around people and we like to teach also using comparison between different students, different minds, different behaviour.

We are also at disposal to bring our formats in your local community!

Follow the links below to discover the scheduled courses. This list will be updated everytime a new course comes out.

Visit the dedicated page: courses.



Kinbaku Essentia

SOLD-OUT – The Kernel 

SOLD-OUT – The Hub: Maze

SOLD-OUT – The Hub: Shadow



Our workshops are the development of our didactics. They are open to pre-intermediate and intermediate students, who already have good handling and knowledge with TK and with basics tyings of the style. Compared to courses, they are focused on specific topics, typically deeper than the technical basics.

To go deeper, visit the dedicated page: workshop.



We are strongly inspired by the style of Kinbaku LuXuria by Riccardo Wildties.

It descends directly from Naka-Ryu (the style of Akira Naka) and it is a traditional style.

Riccardo is actually the Ichi-ban deshii of Akira Naka. He was able to make traditional Japanese bondage more suitable for the European physique and for the European culture, which is so much different than the Japanese one.

In this site, you can find a lot of pictures and writings about our personal way to live this discipline.



Andrea Kurogami started to study kinbaku in 2016, attending to a workshop of Riccardo Wildties. From that moment on, he became more passionate day after day. In February 2018 Kurogami became a certified educator of Kinbaku LuXuria, definitely marrying the educational values of Riccardo.

Educator by himself.

I remember when I tried to come closer to the bondage scene. Even if the Internet is full of educators and teachers, it was very difficult for me to choose a starting point. I think that now that bondage has developed into some kind of trend, it is extremely important to recognize the effort of the people who made it available now.


I particularly recognize the engineering that has been introduced by Riccardo in the last years: while Kinbaku LuXuria remains full of beauty and strong emotions, kinbaku has become safer and easily understandable from a technical point of view. This also means responsibility: teaching in the name of someone else means that information must be passed clearly and in the right way, without distorting the spirit nor the message which that person put in his activity. Lastly, it is extremely motivating: educating means being prepared and being very good in tying, explaining and communicating. It motivates me to do my best!


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