From a bottom point of view

In this page we want to make a storage of all interesting articles made by kinbaku models or bottoms.

There are articles about safety and about emotions to better understand the external and the deepest aspects of kinbaku.

The page will be updated during time.

Below there is a list of the articles, after that you can find the previews of the same articles.






Clover (Site)

Rope bottom guide


This resurces aims to provide fundamental information regarding rope bottom safety, to enable tops and bottoms to make informed choices and educate those starting out of their rope journay.

One of the most important points to remember about rope bondage, besides having fun, is there is always a risk.


Positive Action for Consent


Positive Action for consent or PAC is an extension of the safety check myself and WykD_Dave have in place for when we play, I am sure there are many other who do similar checks during play. I wanted to write a bit more on it, particularly in relation to consent during play. …Continue

Red Sabbath (Site)

The evocative power of Hashira Shibari


One of the most typical ties in Japan, where traditional houses are full of beams and vertical posts for the nature itself of the architecture, takes place to a vertical post, and it’s called Hashira Shibari (being tied to the vertical post).

I had the luck to experiment this in Studio6 during our lessons with Akira Naka and now that I have a portable Hashira in house, it has become one of my favorite settings.

But why this has so much fascination? …Continue

Japanese Clothing, Undressing & Ropes


Starting to write down my thoughts on this subject, my memory goes back to 2011, when, after the first time we attended London festival, we decided to experiment tying with a Kimono, so much impressed by the Japanese crew of Ichi Nawa Kai.

I clearly remember that, after experiencing lots of Shibari usually all naked, my feelings were incredibly new. I defined for example being covered with the Kimono after the tying a “reverse rape”. …Continue

The Eroticization of Suffering


Quite often models ask me how do I deal with pain.

First of all, let me remind that good semenawa favors the experimentation of suffering, not pain.

I’m not a masochist. Never been.

Outside a session in which I feel submitted, I hardly can manage painful stimuli.

So what are the tools, the techniques, I personally use to deal with the painful sensations, with progressive suffering, and to turn them into something I can space for? …Continue

The Floor and the Darkness


Recently I had the chance to go through a workshop completely dedicated only to floorwork and partials. I am used to doing Kinbaku classes even of 3,4,5 days in a row. Including hard suspensions and transitions.

But that workshop left me completely drained.

I collected the feedback of other models, and they confirmed the same feeling: they found it extremely more challenging and tiring than the others. …Continue

The Perfect Triangle


In our recent trip to Tokyo we had the luck as usual to take private tuition with Naka Akira Sensei. In these days I’m already missing a lot the great atmosphere we always can breathe there, it’s like every time we go in Japan we can reconnect with the real spirit, and the reasons why we do Kinbaku…Continue

Tenshiko (Site)

Kirigami and Tenshiko: Hashira


If I think it over, I can still feel the shivers along my neck and the hot feeling, climbing from below and devouring me from the inside.

It never happened like this, I have never felt both strong and resigned at the same time, like yesterday evening… Continue

NawaTaNeko (Site)

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain: Three Questions strategy to navigate your rope experience and stay safe


Pain naturally belongs to the experience of going out of comfort zone. When playing with physical restriction and gravity, compression, extension and torsion and all possible ways of bringing the body in stressful positions, chances are at some point you will interact with pain.

The common understanding is that pain exists there to keep you safe… Continue

The power of surrender. Some thoughts on semenawa from a bottom perspective

My partner and I devote ourselves to a very particular kind of rope bondage – the one that is called “semenawa”. Literally it means “torture” or “tormenting rope”. I like to ponder about what it means in our context of erotic play, not torturing war captives… Continue

Bottoming for Seme-nawa


Semenawa is in demand these days. Many people feel attracted to a darker, erotic, challenging, and most of all deeply emotional way of doing Kinbaku.

„Many people do naka-ties, but very few do naka style“ – Riccardo Wildties

From my perspective of the one being tied, I feel that a lot of actual seme-nawa spirit is created by the person in ropes, not only by the intention and skills of the person tying. Continue

Shiawase (Site)

About being a bunny


Iroha was preparing for the next exercise, the demonstration of a Hishi-Shibari. She was simply warming-up her fingers and her hands, moving them in a gentle and harmonic way.

One of the models attending to the Naka-Akira’s Workshop asked to Iroha-San if she usually specifically trains herself to prepare her body to be tied from Naka-Sensei… Continue

Since I’ve started being tied – open letter.


This is an open letter in which a friend of us, L., explains what she feels when she is tied up.

For me, the following is one of the best descriptions of the flow that explodes in the mind when you practice Kinbaku in a deeper way. Continue

Let’s get the party started

Foto 07-01-18, 22 48 31

Sometimes single friends ask (also to themselves) how could be possible to involve a completely vanilla partner into their alternative sexual initiatives – in one word, into BDSM.

Often there is not a right answer to these questions. Anyway, I would like to discuss some experience and personal points of view about them…Continue

What is your story?


Less than 24 hours have gone since we left Kinbaku Lounge to run to the airport to catch a plane and go back to reality, I am still completely overwhelmed in the bubble.
Being in contact for three days with a legend like Sugiura Norio Sensei and Miho-San made me think about so many aspects of my life that I wanted to stay there for a longer time to mature more than just perceived concepts and to learn new ones.

“You don’t have to expect to be beautiful in ropes. Rather ask yourself why you want to receive the ropes. Ask yourself what you have deep inside and what you would like ropes to make come to the surface. ” Continue


ebi Genova

It is not easy to be among people who do not know me and that I do not know and manage to let me go completely, being able to express the emotions locked inside me and that at that moment push out of my chest.

During the KINBAKU ESSENTIA basic workshop in Genoa, while students practised with the exercise explained just before, Kurogami bound me in an ebi position. Initially, I did not fully understand why. Continue

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