KinbakuLuxuria – backstage

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Come ringraziamento per le splendide emozioni e per le meravigliose foto. Set completo su: Kunbaku Luxuria Backstage photos by Kurogami Inizia sempre tutto dentro di me, parte dallo stomaco ed arriva alla superficie della pelle. È timidezza, soggezione, timore, voglia. Nel momento in cui le sue mani sicure stringono i miei muscoli … Continue reading KinbakuLuxuria – backstage

Within The Walls

Sunday evening, a rainy one. Kinbaku private session in our house with a very pleasant guest and her camera. This is not a shooting or something we built up. This is what we were, at that moment. And this is how i like to expose and abuse her. Because I love to see she is … Continue reading Within The Walls