Ochre Wall

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW This post contains some previews about last shooting in Milan, made by myself with my analogic instant camera Fujifilm 300 Wide. This time this is not a kinbaku shooting, despite I tied Shiawase tight and it was intense, in another way. It's the first time that I tied for a photographer. I really … Continue reading Ochre Wall

Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

For the first time, Ropetales by Kirigami & Tenshiko hosts in Milan a new format of the Rope Jam Session: the same spirit in a smaller and warmer space. 40 people met and they tied, shared, looked at other people tying, drunk some tea together. The atmosphere was great! Here there are some pics of … Continue reading Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

KinbakuLuxuria – backstage

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Come ringraziamento per le splendide emozioni e per le meravigliose foto. Set completo su: Kunbaku Luxuria Backstage photos by Kurogami Inizia sempre tutto dentro di me, parte dallo stomaco ed arriva alla superficie della pelle. È timidezza, soggezione, timore, voglia. Nel momento in cui le sue mani sicure stringono i miei muscoli … Continue reading KinbakuLuxuria – backstage