It’s the End of the Rope as We Know it

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW   "Come on! You know one day I'll be better than you!" "Maybe. But my nawajiri will be always shorter than yours."   A cross-talk between Riccardo and a student of his during dinner with all the participants of Trinity WS, September 2017. At that moment I did not get the fineness of … Continue reading It’s the End of the Rope as We Know it

KinbakuLuxuria – backstage

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Come ringraziamento per le splendide emozioni e per le meravigliose foto. Set completo su: Kunbaku Luxuria Backstage photos by Kurogami Inizia sempre tutto dentro di me, parte dallo stomaco ed arriva alla superficie della pelle. È timidezza, soggezione, timore, voglia. Nel momento in cui le sue mani sicure stringono i miei muscoli … Continue reading KinbakuLuxuria – backstage

On the Ground Floor

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Questa volta eravamo a Genova. Per la prima volta la community BDSM locale ha organizzato un evento dedicato al bondage. Il nome dell'evento era Ignorant Ropes. Va bene, così come ho avuto modo di dire ad uno degli organizzatori - una ragazza molto gentile e amichevole che ha messo un sacco di impegno in … Continue reading On the Ground Floor

About being a bunny

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW Iroha was preparing for the next exercise, the demonstration of a Hishi-Shibari. She was simply warming-up her fingers and her hands, moving them in a gentle and harmonic way. One of the models attending to the Naka-Akira's Workshop asked to Iroha-San if she usually specifically trains herself to prepare her body to … Continue reading About being a bunny

Within The Walls

Sunday evening, a rainy one. Kinbaku private session in our house with a very pleasant guest and her camera. This is not a shooting or something we built up. This is what we were, at that moment. And this is how i like to expose and abuse her. Because I love to see she is … Continue reading Within The Walls