When Hashira Starts

TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO IN BASSO Two days of workshops on Hashira-Shibari were enough to make me fall in love with something new. However, two days were not sufficient to explore the many facets of something that can lead to overcoming new limits of trust. Before expressing my impressions on the intensity of what I felt, … Continue reading When Hashira Starts

Krakow: On Stage

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW So... from where should I start? Maybe, first of all, I want to say THANKS to the organizers of the Shibary By Night V and to our kind friend of Shibari Akademia, Grzesznik & Larwa who hosted us and make us feel very comfortable! It was the first time that Shiawase and I … Continue reading Krakow: On Stage

Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

For the first time, Ropetales by Kirigami & Tenshiko hosts in Milan a new format of the Rope Jam Session: the same spirit in a smaller and warmer space. 40 people met and they tied, shared, looked at other people tying, drunk some tea together. The atmosphere was great! Here there are some pics of … Continue reading Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

It’s the End of the Rope as We Know it

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW   "Come on! You know one day I'll be better than you!" "Maybe. But my nawajiri will be always shorter than yours."   A cross-talk between Riccardo and a student of his during dinner with all the participants of Trinity WS, September 2017. At that moment I did not get the fineness of … Continue reading It’s the End of the Rope as We Know it