Tying with DiscoverKinbaku

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW When we were hosted by Natasha and Alexander in Berlin, we had the time to share a lot and also to tie together. Alexander proposed us to tie together, one rope at a time, alternating ourselves. Two different people tying one of our life-partner could be difficult, but differences in personalities, ways … Continue reading Tying with DiscoverKinbaku

Week-End Session

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW We spent a wonderful weekend in the countryside, at the end of the Summer guested by very dear friends. Good food, good wine, great company especially during Sunday when other friends reached us from the city! In the afternoon, we had a very intimate session with the other looking at us. It … Continue reading Week-End Session

It’s a year!

TESTO IN ITALIANO IN BASSO A year of us! A year of Kinkyphilia! We are in August and exactly in August of a year ago, Kurogami and I decided to take this initiative. We did not know where and what it would take us to, but we knew we wanted to go there! We wanted … Continue reading It’s a year!

Of Enlightened Body and Ropes.

This is the second part of our afternoon with Manuel when Kurogami and I enjoyed this kind of playing with ropes that was different from the usual one we have. Ther was light on my body and there were wax and warmth. There was the pain for the weight put on my nipple. It was … Continue reading Of Enlightened Body and Ropes.