Ichigo Ichie

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW I found this expression reading the book "Iro-Iro - Il Giappone tra pop e sublime". written by Giorgio Amitrano, who translated it as "unique and unrepeatable meeting". Unfortunately the book is not translated into English, so here you'll find my personal translation of the passage in which I found the inspiration for … Continue reading Ichigo Ichie

When Hashira Starts

TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO IN BASSO Two days of workshops on Hashira-Shibari were enough to make me fall in love with something new. However, two days were not sufficient to explore the many facets of something that can lead to overcoming new limits of trust. Before expressing my impressions on the intensity of what I felt, … Continue reading When Hashira Starts

Rope and Trust

"Trust, unlike consent, is also relational. It is built over time. It has degrees and granularity. It evolves. It is fragile and requires nurturing and patience. All things that the Western mind has trouble with. Trust relationships are never black and white. On the other hand, consent is binary. Either you have it or you … Continue reading Rope and Trust

About being a bunny

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW Iroha was preparing for the next exercise, the demonstration of a Hishi-Shibari. She was simply warming-up her fingers and her hands, moving them in a gentle and harmonic way. One of the models attending to the Naka-Akira's Workshop asked to Iroha-San if she usually specifically trains herself to prepare her body to … Continue reading About being a bunny

Naka Akira’s WS

"How can I decide the program for a Workshop if  I do not know people first?" [Naka Akira] During the last hours of the workshop, Naka-San told us that he answered with this sentence to a student who asked him to know what we were going to do during the lessons in Turin. My senses … Continue reading Naka Akira’s WS

Kinbaku – Points of interest

ENGLISH TEST BELOW Con l'appassionarsi di un numero via via crescente di persone, il bondage in stile giapponese (conosciuto anche come Shibari o Kinbaku) ha visto nascere in Italia svariati movimenti locali e sono via via in aumento le persone che come educatori insegnano tale disciplina tramite corsi e lezioni private, ispirandosi o seguendo stili spesso molto diversi. … Continue reading Kinbaku – Points of interest

‘En Pointe’ on The Way we Do Kinbaku

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW. While I started to practice and to study traditional Japanese kinbaku only one year ago, my partner and I were completely fascinated about that since the first time we were involved into. We also use to look at other riggers or kinbakushis and their models. We watched pictures, videos, live performances or … Continue reading ‘En Pointe’ on The Way we Do Kinbaku