Of Enlightened Body and Ropes.

This is the second part of our afternoon with Manuel when Kurogami and I enjoyed this kind of playing with ropes that was different from the usual one we have. Ther was light on my body and there were wax and warmth. There was the pain for the weight put on my nipple. It was … Continue reading Of Enlightened Body and Ropes.

Within The Walls

Sunday evening, a rainy one. Kinbaku private session in our house with a very pleasant guest and her camera. This is not a shooting or something we built up. This is what we were, at that moment. And this is how i like to expose and abuse her. Because I love to see she is … Continue reading Within The Walls

Sitri’s game

ENGLISH TEST BELOW Sitri arriva. Pranziamo, si beve una birra, e poi dice "togli i vestiti". Sitri rivela le mie nudità. Forse avrei dovuto mettere molti strati di vestiti o non bere alcool, del resto quelli sono i rimedi per difendersi dal demone. Ma perché invece non cedere ad una così divertente esperienza? Sitri arrives. … Continue reading Sitri’s game