How to be a good student -Czech

FOR THE ENGLISH AND ITALIAN TRANSLATIONS CLICK HERE FOR THE SPANISH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE GERMAN TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE FRANCH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE 🇨🇿 Thanks to _noirot (Instagram) for this translation! 🇨🇿 Často mluvíme o kvalitě výuky a kompetenci lektorů. Téma, o kterém už ale nemluvíme je, jestli jsou studenti schopni se učit. Nejprve … Continue reading How to be a good student -Czech

Good-pain-vs-bad-pain – Discover Kinbaku

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Ho sempre pensato a quale possa essere una adeguata spiegazione a quella che è la "buona" sofferenza, ovvero quella che ci fa stare bene. Mi sono ritrovata a dover rispondere a questa domanda durante la serata a Genova di "Rope 'n' Talk" ed ancora oggi penso a quale possa essere una spiegazione … Continue reading Good-pain-vs-bad-pain – Discover Kinbaku

One Too Many: Overdoing

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW What makes a kinbaku session successful, referring to feeling and communication aspects? Basically, people feel satisfied or marked in several different personal and intimate ways. Generally, we remember that session for a long time. Quite often the result depends on being able to keep up that delicate balance between rope top and rope … Continue reading One Too Many: Overdoing

The Maze of E.

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Quando la sofferenza si trasforma in abbandono, è lì che nascono le emozioni più forti. Si entra in un labirinto contorto, da cui da un lato uscirne è fin troppo difficile e dall'altro non si vuole venirne fuori, fino a superare i propri più intimi limiti. Per poter ricordare quelle emozioni che … Continue reading The Maze of E.

Rope and Trust

"Trust, unlike consent, is also relational. It is built over time. It has degrees and granularity. It evolves. It is fragile and requires nurturing and patience. All things that the Western mind has trouble with. Trust relationships are never black and white. On the other hand, consent is binary. Either you have it or you … Continue reading Rope and Trust

Ochre Wall

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW This post contains some previews about last shooting in Milan, made by myself with my analogic instant camera Fujifilm 300 Wide. This time this is not a kinbaku shooting, despite I tied Shiawase tight and it was intense, in another way. It's the first time that I tied for a photographer. I really … Continue reading Ochre Wall

Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

For the first time, Ropetales by Kirigami & Tenshiko hosts in Milan a new format of the Rope Jam Session: the same spirit in a smaller and warmer space. 40 people met and they tied, shared, looked at other people tying, drunk some tea together. The atmosphere was great! Here there are some pics of … Continue reading Milan Tiny Jam – 2018 Jan

Turin Rope Jam – 2018 Feb

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Ci siamo. Anche a Torino arriva uno degli eventi più belli per gli amanti del bondage, organizzato da Giuseppe Ambrosia e Simona Mononoke.   Oltre 50 persone hanno riempito il Laboratorio di Bondage di TorinoKinbaku, quasi tutti hanno preso parte attivamente all’evento. È stato bello vedere le dieci postazioni con i bambù … Continue reading Turin Rope Jam – 2018 Feb