Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa

On February 22nd & 23rd you will have the incredible chance to study with Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaneko from Discover Kinbaku! Two days of workshop, 12 hours of deep immersion in their way to approach, study and do semenawa. A limited number The workshop will be open to a limited number of couple - … Continue reading Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa


SEGUE TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO CZECH TRANSLATION BELOW (Thanks to _noirot) It is not easy to be among people who do not know me and that I do not know and manage to let me go completely, being able to express the emotions locked inside me and that at that moment push out of my chest. … Continue reading Ebi

One Too Many: Overdoing

ITALIAN TEXT BELOW What makes a kinbaku session successful, referring to feeling and communication aspects? Basically, people feel satisfied or marked in several different personal and intimate ways. Generally, we remember that session for a long time. Quite often the result depends on being able to keep up that delicate balance between rope top and rope … Continue reading One Too Many: Overdoing

On the Ground Floor

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Questa volta eravamo a Genova. Per la prima volta la community BDSM locale ha organizzato un evento dedicato al bondage. Il nome dell'evento era Ignorant Ropes. Va bene, così come ho avuto modo di dire ad uno degli organizzatori - una ragazza molto gentile e amichevole che ha messo un sacco di impegno in … Continue reading On the Ground Floor

Within The Walls

Sunday evening, a rainy one. Kinbaku private session in our house with a very pleasant guest and her camera. This is not a shooting or something we built up. This is what we were, at that moment. And this is how i like to expose and abuse her. Because I love to see she is … Continue reading Within The Walls