Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa

On February 22nd & 23rd you will have the incredible chance to study with Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaneko from Discover Kinbaku! Two days of workshop, 12 hours of deep immersion in their way to approach, study and do semenawa. A limited number The workshop will be open to a limited number of couple - … Continue reading Discover Kinbaku – Elements of Semenawa

How to be a good student -Czech

FOR THE ENGLISH AND ITALIAN TRANSLATIONS CLICK HERE FOR THE SPANISH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE GERMAN TRANSLATION CLICK HERE FOR THE FRANCH TRANSLATION CLICK HERE 🇨🇿 Thanks to _noirot (Instagram) for this translation! 🇨🇿 Často mluvíme o kvalitě výuky a kompetenci lektorů. Téma, o kterém už ale nemluvíme je, jestli jsou studenti schopni se učit. Nejprve … Continue reading How to be a good student -Czech


SEGUE TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO CZECH TRANSLATION BELOW (Thanks to _noirot) It is not easy to be among people who do not know me and that I do not know and manage to let me go completely, being able to express the emotions locked inside me and that at that moment push out of my chest. … Continue reading Ebi