Every article is written both in english and in Italian.
Ogni articolo è scritto sia in inglese che in italiano.
  • Since I’ve been started being tied – open letter.
    So, yeah, I don’t expect people to understand it because they’d have to live it, but maybe now that I told you all this you won’t judge it in a negative way.  More


  • Ichigo Ichie
    I found this expression reading the book “Iro-Iro – Il Giappone tra pop e sublime”. written by Giorgio Amitrano, who translated it as “unique and unrepeatable meeting“. Unfortunately the book is not translated into English, so here you’ll find my personal translation of the passage in which I found the inspiration for this article… More


  • One Too Many: Overdoing
    What makes a kinbaku session successful, referring to feeling and communication aspects? Basically, people feel satisfied or marked in several different personal and intimate ways. Generally, we remember that session for a long time. Quite often the result depends on… More


  • The upside down
    Guardando la famosa serie su Netflix, non ho potuto fare a meno di fare una analogia con il mondo BDSM nel quale viviamo. Persone rispettabili nella vita comune, con la propria professione e la propria routine, studenti che frequentano i corsi universitari in mezzo a mille altri studenti, insegnanti, artigiani. Persone comuni….More
  • When Hashira Starts 
    Two days of workshops on Hashira-Shibari were enough to make me fall in love with something new. However, two days were not sufficient to explore the many facets of something that can lead to overcoming new limits of trust… More


  • It’s the End of the Rope as We Know it
    … At that moment I did not get the subtly of that message, given almost by chance, between a laughing and a wine glass. Then, I started to think about it. Nawajiri, the residue of the rope which often appears when we tie… More


  • Rope Jam – This Is It!
    Cosa è una Jam Session?.. More


  • Let’s get the party started.
    A volte capita che amici single chiedano (e si chiedano) come poter coinvolgere un eventuale partner completamente vanilla nelle loro intraprendenze sessuali alternative – nel BDSM per intenderci. Molto spesso non c’è una risposta corretta a questi quesiti, tuttavia… More


  • La cultura dell’ignoranza.
  • Più vengo a contatto con le varie scene BDSM e con le rispettive community kinky sul territorio, più mi rendo conto di quanto esse siano spesso il riflesso del tessuto sociale in cui sono immerse. E’ vero, esse sono un sotto insieme – peraltro ridotto – della società e quindi è semplice immaginare come  …More


  • Much Ado about Nothing.

First, let me thanks all the people who read my article. I did not expect that it would be so diffused all around the world. Then, let me say thanks to every person who read it and decided to share what he/she thought, especially if in disagreement because …More


  • About being a bunny.

Iroha was preparing for the next exercise, the demonstration of a Hishi-Shibari. She was simply warming-up her fingers and her hands, moving them in a gentle and  harmonic way. …More


  • Naka Akira’s WS

“How can I decide the program for a Workshop if  I do not know people first?”

[Naka Akira]…More


  • BDS-Mediocracy

…why there is so much mediocrity or superficiality in BDSM community?

There are so many points that I can use as starting that I really don’t know which one to use, so I will restrict the following lines only to five of them.  …More


  • En Pointe on the Way We Do Kinbaku

...Anyway, I’m strongly sure that there is something which also a western person like me (and the most of us) could get, in order not to appear like a dummy acting on a scene. So what about to think that kinbaku is not too different from the classic dance? …More


  • La Palude dell’Egoismo

Nell’ambiente kinky spesso capita di parlare di bondage, shibari o kinbaku.
Moda o meno che sia, occupa sempre una fetta temporale importante nelle discussioni o nelle chiaccherate durante …More